Protein Calculator Applet


ProtCalc is a web based program for calculating a number of physical and chemical properties for protein sequences (including instability index, isoelectric point, aromaticity, etc.), and ranking the sequences by any selected parameter. ProtCalc allows the user to submit multiple protein sequences, individually or collectively, for processing. The user may select the desired properties to calculate and display. The results are presented to the user in a spreadsheet-like interface, which allows the user to sort and rearrange the data by row or column, merge results, and export results to a file. ProtCalc is implemented primarily in Java, and with utilities based off the python library BioPython, and provides a multi-threaded utility that can be accessed from almost any computer with an internet connection a browser, and the Java runtime environment.


Dr. Tim Andersen
Jeff Cope

Executable jar pcframe.jar
Source code pc_src.tar.gz